Mended with Gold is out!

Mended with Gold by MP
Out now!

My first novella is out now!

Mended with Gold is an m/m romance, short and sweet, with a happy ending.

Published by MLR Press. Cover design by Melody Pond.


Buy the ebook now from:


MLR Press

Barnes & Noble


Mended with Gold is written from Alex’s point of view, but so many people told me they loved Joe that I’ve also written a FREE bonus epilogue told from Joe’s point of view and set a couple of months after the book ends.

If you’d like to read about the writing process and see some photos of where the book’s set click here for a blog post I wrote when the book was accepted for publication.

You can also follow my blog/review tour:


Lastly, if you like my book, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever else you can. Reviews are like gold for authors. You don’t have to say a lot – just a couple of sentences about what you liked is great!





    1. Thanks Shani! Glad you like the cover – that’s the work of designer Melody Pond. Having it out there is exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. Am having a celebratory/self-medicating beer at the moment and playing around with ideas for the bonus chapter…


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