Content warnings

Here are content warnings for my books for those who need them.

I hope these warnings cover the main triggers.

Please note that all books contain swearing and sexual content.

All books are m/m romances and as such have ‘Happy Ever After’ endings. For more information about each book please visit the Books page.

Seducing the Sorcerer

Graphic sex scenes including consensual rough sex/spanking/humiliation; kidnapping (named character is tied up and gagged); gun violence (gun is held to a named character’s head); death by crushing (non-named character); mention of suicide.

Salt Magic, Skin Magic

Graphic sex scenes, mention of suicide, death by drowning (named character), magical violence causes character to bleed, possible animation of corpse, fist fighting, gun violence (named character is shot at).

Mended with Gold + free epilogue ‘Out Loud’

Main character has post-traumatic stress disorder following fatal explosion, mention of severed body part, mention of car accident, character accidentally gets fish hook in his foot, mention of drug use (marijuana).