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A Spell for Master Vervain

A Spell for Master Vervain is a short fantasy m/m romance story around 8,000 words long.

Blurb: Apprentice magicians aren’t supposed to fall in love with their masters, but Kit’s so desperate for Master Vervain, he’s about to cast a spell that could ruin his life forever.

Please note: This story contains graphic sexual content so please don’t download if you’re under 18 or if such things offend you.

This story first appeared in the ‘Teacher’s Pet II‘ anthology from Ninestar Press in 2018. This slightly amended version is copyright Lee Welch, August 2021.

Download now: A Spell for Master Vervain (PDF)


Out Loud

Out Loud is a free short epilogue to my novella Mended with Gold (MLR Press).

I recommend you read Mended with Gold first, so please click on the link for more information as well as to download the story.