Out Loud: A short FREE epilogue to Mended with Gold


This story is for everyone who loved Joe and Alex in Mended with Gold.


Download Out Loud as a PDF (288KB)

Want another story about true love, comics, and wild New Zealand beaches?

In 2017, MLR Press published my first novella – Mended with Gold. It’s about Alex, a photographer with post-traumatic stress disorder, who falls in love with Joe, a sweet, shy comics artist.

Reviewers described Mended with Gold as ‘beautiful’ and ‘moving’ and other words that made my writerly heart brim with joy. But Mended with Gold was pretty short and a few readers said they’d like more. Mostly, they wanted to hear from Joe (because they loved him).

So, for the fans, I’ve written a short epilogue. It’s set a couple of months after Mended with Gold and is written from Joe’s point of view. Mended with Gold is 27,000 words, and Out Loud is about 10,000, so it’s about a third extra – for free. I hope you enjoy it!

Out Loud won’t mean much to you if you haven’t read Mended with Gold.

If you’d like to read Mended with Gold, please read it BEFORE you read Out Loud – because if you read them the wrong way around I think that might spoil it a bit.

Just like Mended with Gold, Out Loud features some fairly graphic sex (so if you’re under 18, or offended by such things, please step away from the download button).

Get Out Loud now for FREE via Instafreebie: https://claims.instafreebie.com/free/XluvjaVQ

Or download Out Loud as a PDF (288KB)

Or check out the blog post about Mended with Gold – and maybe read that first.

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy it!


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