Master Vervain is looking for love

Master Vervain: Looking for love (or maybe he’s already found it?). Art by Vic

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Fancy a FREE advance reader review copy of a new anthology from NineStar Press? I have a short story in the anthology and therefore have a few review copies to give away (ebook only).

The anthology is called TEACHER’S PET Volume 2. It contains eight short gay/lesbian romance stories inspired by the student/teacher trope. All stories, of course, contain only enthusiastically consenting adults.

My story, A SPELL FOR MASTER VERVAIN, features:

  • An apprentice magician who has *always* done the reading
  • His clever, sarcastic, red-eyed master (see picture)
  • Lustful pining
  • Forbidden magic
  • Eye-watering embarrassment
  • A happy ending (it wouldn’t be a romance without one!).

The full line-up of stories is:

  • A Spell for Master Vervain by Lee Welch (m/m, fantasy)
  • Finding the Words by Elizabeth Coldwell (m/m, contemporary)
  • The Silent Treatment by Elna Holst (f/f, contemporary)
  • One Small Step by Riza Curtis (m/m, fantasy)
  • Shedding Doubt by Danielle Wayland (m/m, contemporary)
  • Academic Temptations by Karmen Lee (f/f, contemporary)
  • The Sidhe’s Apprentice by Morwen Navarre (m/m, fantasy)
  • Press “Copy” to Begin by Maryn Blackburn (f/f, contemporary).

There are a few reviews up already on Goodreads if you’d like to see what people are saying so far.

If you’re internally screaming “YES, STOP TALKING AND TELL ME HOW I GET MY COPY” please scroll to the bottom of this post and read the simple instructions.

If you’ve never received an advance review copy of a book before and aren’t sure what’s expected of you, here’s how it works:  I send you the ebook absolutely free. You read it and review it if you want to. If you’ve never reviewed a book in your life, don’t let that put you off! This can be your first! You don’t have to say heaps; a couple of sentences about what you liked and why is sufficient. Check the existing Goodreads reviews for some examples.

The main places to post reviews are Goodreads (review anytime) and Amazon (review only after the release date of 22 October). Some people who don’t use Amazon will review instead on Kobo or Barnes & Noble or wherever they generally buy ebooks. Remember, reviews are 100% voluntary and if for any reason you decide NOT to review the book, that’s completely up to you. Many readers, for example, only post a review if they enjoyed the book (that’s what I do myself). In any case, I will not be checking or chasing you and no author ever should. Authors send out advance reader copies because reader reviews are a good thing (although they sometimes make us weep if we’re foolish enough to read them) because they help people decide if they want to buy the book.

If you’d like a free advance review copy of TEACHER’S PET 2, all you have to do is:

  1. be over 18 since most of the stories contain erotic elements
  2. confirm with yourself that you enjoy stories about men falling in love with men, and women falling in love with women
  3. email me at and tell me if you’d prefer a mobi (for Kindle) or epub (for all other e-readers) file of the book.

I only have a few copies to give away so please get in quick!

*** Giveaway offer now closed ***

But if you missed the giveaway you can now buy the anthology from:

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