Need a sapiosexual connection? TEACHER’S PET 2 is out now

OUT NOW! Eight stories for less than the price of beer.

Forget abs of steel, a flawless complexion or beautiful hair. For some of us, a person’s mind is by far the sexiest thing about them. It’s their intelligence that gets us hot and bothered. It’s their conversation, their wide-ranging knowledge, their sense of humour.

To me, intelligence has to be intellectual and emotional. Yes, charm me with your wit and insight. Yes, discuss the books we’ve read and the films you enjoyed. Tell me about your favourite artist. But if you’re arrogant or mean, that’s the opposite of sexy.

The new TEACHER’S PET 2 anthology from NineStar Press contains eight short romance stories inspired by the student/teacher trope. The teachers are varied: university professors, a yoga teacher, a knowledgeable gym buddy.

My story, A SPELL FOR MASTER VERVAIN, is high fantasy. It features, Kit, aged 19, who’s an apprentice magicianand guildmaster Vervain, who teaches history of magic.

Their roles are important because for a long time they’ve kept the pair apart. No decent teacher tries to seduce his students. He parks that stuff at the door because he understands boundaries. But what my story is really about is a sapiosexual connection.

Kit doesn’t fall for Vervain because of his ruby-red eyes and handsome face. It’s not really about his power or high status either. Kit falls in love because Vervain is the cleverest person he’s met and because—although Vervain can be terrifyingly sarcastic if you haven’t done the reading—he’s also great company. He’s full of ideas and stories, well-read, well-travelled, patient when he needs to be, and kind when it really matters.

Clever and well-read. Sarcasm optional. Art by Vic (

TEACHER’S PET 2 contains five m/m romance stories and three f/f. Most are contemporary, three are fantasy. Most contain strong erotic elements, one is very low-heat. If there are some story types in there you don’t usually read, this is a great opportunity to sample something different.

Buy links (available in print and ebook):

Direct from the publisher: NineStar Press


Barnes & Noble

It’s also available from Kobo and other places where books are sold.

I hope you enjoy it!



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