Mended with Gold: m/m romance, contemporary

27,000 word novella from MLR Press – release date: 17 November 2017

Cover design by Melody Pond


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Salt Magic, Skin Magic (novel)

A lord entrapped, and a magician whose sex life melts windows; will love destroy them, or set them free?

October, 1851. The Great Exhibition has closed its doors, and Soren, Lord Thornby, has missed it. He’s been mysteriously trapped on his father’s isolated Yorkshire estate for over a year. Sanity fraying, he’d claw his own skin off to escape.

Industrial magician John Blake arrives at the estate to investigate a case of suspected witchcraft – with Thornby as his main suspect.

Out of his element, John finds the aristocratic Thornby as attractive as he is alarming. Why does magic not work on Thornby? Why does he wear those old-fashioned, skin-tight breeches? And is he flirting, or not?

As passion grows, the pair begin a hunt for the magical token that will free Thornby. But magical experimentation is a dangerous business, Thornby’s father a cruel adversary, and there are secret other worlds hidden within the crumbling pile that is Upwey Hall.

This m/m romance/adventure features sex so blinding it might literally bring the house down  –  and proves that only true love can set you free.

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