Re-release: Mended With Gold + epilogue Out Loud

Back near the end of 2021 a few kind people let me know that ‘Mended With Gold’ – my m/m romance novella about imperfect heroes, comics, and wild New Zealand beaches – was no longer available to buy.

I contacted the then publisher, MLR Press, got my rights back, and in November 2021 I self-published the book AND the epilogue ‘Out Loud’ in one edition, using the same beautiful cover art by Aud Koch that I’d used for the Italian edition.

The self-published edition of Mended With Gold + Out Loud,
using the beautiful cover art by Aud Koch.

At the time I posted fleetingly about the re-release on social media, but because 2021 was the year it was, I didn’t have the energy to think too hard about promotion. I updated some of the buy links on this website, but I missed a bunch and didn’t even write a celebratory blog post.

So, kind people are STILL occasionally contacting me to let me know some of my buy links don’t work, and to ask how they can get hold of Mended With Gold. (If that includes you, thank you for persevering and getting in touch – you’re awesome!)

So, here’s an official blog post to announce the re-release! It’s three months late, but better late than never, right?

Alex and Joe from Mended With Gold are characters who are dear to my heart, perhaps because they live not far from me, over on Wellington’s wild west coast. I wrote the book five years ago but I still think of them every time there’s a storm. They’re still out there, hunkering down in Alex’s little house by the sea. Joe’s drawing a comic at the kitchen table, half listening to the storm. Alex is maybe editing photographs. Or perhaps he’s putting more wood in that smoky old wood-burner, then turning to watch Joe drawing. They’re happy. Everything’s all right.

If you’d like to read about the writing process and see some photos of where the book’s set, click here for the blog post I wrote when the book was first accepted for publication.

Here are the buy links: buy link for Mended with Gold + Out Loud

Other buy links for Mended with Gold + Out Loud:

 NB – if you bought the MLR Press edition of Mended With Gold which didn’t contain the epilogue Out Loud, you needn’t buy the whole book again (unless you want to!). You can download a PDF of Out Loud for free from the Free Reads page of my website.

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