Salt Magic Skin Magic is out

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Want a story that’ll make you feel better about the world?

This post tells a story that’ll give you hope. It’s my story, about my book – Salt Magic Skin Magic.

Once upon a time (a year ago) Salt Magic Skin Magic was accepted for publication by Riptide Publishing. Wow! Champagne flowed. I danced on tables. The kids got away with murder and no washing for a week.

Then, in March, things changed. I’m not going into the circumstances again, but Riptide offered authors their rights back, and I asked for mine – something I’d never imagined doing in a million years. And, God, it hurt! I’d wanted to get that book published SO BADLY.

So. No contract. I was back to being just another unknown writer with an unpublished book.

Then the roller-coaster swooped up again because author Amelia Faulkner set up a spreadsheet called ‘Authors helping Authors’ and the outpouring of support for authors leaving Riptide was incredible. People offered their services (editing, proof-reading) FOR FREE. They could easily have looked the other way, but they didn’t. I still feel warmed and humbled by the generosity that flowed my way that day.

Here are the people who gave me hope as well as actual practical assistance:

  • Amelia Faulkner – who set up the spreadsheet in the first place, making it easy for generous people to offer their services and woebegone people like me to find them
  • KJ Charles – my dream editor – who soothed my troubled brow, edited my book FOR FREE, gave me an awesome quote for the blurb, and answered a million questions about self-publishing
  • Clare London – who proofed the book FOR FREE and answered more of my silly questions (NB – Clare has the eyes of an eagle; any errors you may find in the book are entirely my own)
  • Jordan L. Hawk – who supplied a magnificent quote for the blurb, and who made my day week month OK, year by saying Salt Magic Skin Magic gave them a book hangover
  • Rachel Maybury from Signal Boost Promotions – for FREE promo assistance.

I also want to thank:

  • Jackie North – who loves Victorian England as much as I do, and who has been unfailingly supportive ever since she read the first draft of Salt Magic Skin Magic
  • The writers of the New Zealand Rainbow Romance Writers group – including Anne Barwell, Amanda Whitehouse and Gillian St Kevern – who listen to my nonsense on Facebook and give great advice
  • The Write Wellington group – who are honest and kind – a winning combination for those of us who want to be better writers
  • My beta readers – who generously read my book and bravely told me what they thought about it
  • All the reviewers and book blogs who agreed to read my book or give me FREE advertising
  • And, most of all, thanks to Matt – who commiserates and celebrates in all the right places, who understands my glee at writing an octopus into a sex scene, and who talks about magic late into the night.

Thanks everyone – you’re the best! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Oh, and if you’re interested in the actual book, Salt Magic Skin Magic is also a tale of hope. And love, sex and magic. And winning through when everything looks hopeless.

It features:

  • Dark deeds
  • Mysterious curses
  • An aristocrat who is not what he seems
  • A magician whose sex life melts windows
  • Unexpected hedgehogs
  • A happy ending.

Salt Magic Skin Magic is out now (Warning: This m/m romance is for ADULTS ONLY. It contains graphic sex scenes and references to possible suicide)

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  1. Congratulations on launching this marvelous book into the world. I just finished it, led to it by Jordan Hawk and KJ Charles’ rave reviews, and left my own rave review on Amazon before coming to find your blog. Salt Magic Skin Magic is wonderful: tightly and beautifully written and so well imagined.I really, really hope you write more in this world.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations!
    I just wanted to state here, in public, that I loved your book!
    I read it as soon as it was released (it took me 2 days because work and sleep, but you know) and I’m still unable to enjoy any other book.
    I just want to read more about that world and those characters…
    But at this point, I’ll take anything you want to give us xD

    Liked by 1 person

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