Blogging for the Reluctant


Ain’t gonna? Please read on…


Are you a keen fiction writer, but a reluctant blogger? Or perhaps you’re still refusing? Here are my top three reasons why blogging is good for fiction writers:


  1. Agents/publishers can check you out


Say you’ve finished your novel. I know, I know. But just say. You’ve sent it off to an agent/publisher along with your query letter and synopsis. And they like your stuff and want to know more about you, so they check out your website.

Your blog shows you update your site, and they can see how you come across. Are you civil? Professional? Engaging? Could they have a working relationship with you?

Some agents/publishers say that if they Google a writer and nothing comes up (that’s how it would have been for me at one time) they go no further.

Imagine that! Even if they liked your query letter/synopsis/book!

Because there are a dozen other writers whose books they also like who have got an on-line presence. I daresay for a staggering work of genius, most publishers would make an exception, but for most of us, if you’re serious about publishing, I think you should make it as easy as possible for an agent/publisher to check you out.


2. It’s fun and will stretch you as a writer


Okay, so at one time I’d have grumped around and said, ‘it’s not fun, who are you trying to kid?’. But that was my timid side feeling threatened because I didn’t know how to recognise which fleeting idea could be turned into a blog post; I didn’t yet have what my writer friend Inez calls ‘blog goggles’ – a way of looking at the world and seeing that, yes, that could be a post.

But, like anything, when you start trying, and don’t give up, you get better. At the beginning I struggled terribly to find topics to write about. Now, it’s way easier. I still don’t blog all the time. Writing fiction is my priority. But I have fun writing blog posts too.


3. When your book is published, you will be glad you practised


One of the ways books are promoted is via blog tours. In case you don’t know, that means the author writes blog posts for book blogger/review sites.

I have a book coming out soon. To promote it, I’ve written six unique blog posts for other people’s websites. Think what a stressful chore that would have been if I hadn’t practised on my own blog first! But, as it was, I enjoyed writing those guest posts. I had fun.

I know fiction is the love of your life, but if you’re a writer, you can write blog posts too. Honestly, it’s worth it. I really think you’ll be glad you did.


The cat on the left is me. The cat on the right is fiction. Blog posts are like tender mice: they’re enjoyable; they don’t come between us.


Oh, and before I go, if your objection is ‘but I don’t know what to blog about’ (that was my thorniest problem) – one of the most useful tips I read was on AS Akkalon’s entertaining blog. In essence, she suggests you brainstorm ten topics, then pick the best. This is great advice because it forces you to be creative and gives you the freedom to come up with some dumb ideas you can discard. Coming up with one idea is somehow impossible – will it be good enough? But if you have to come up with ten, you’ve got room to move.

Are you a keen or a reluctant blogger? What are your best tips for coming up with blog post ideas?


  1. Good evening! I have to admit, I felt like you were singling me out- in the best way of course- when I read this! Though I am an expert in absolutely nothing just yet, I love to write, specifically fiction, but was so very timid about starting up a blog. This was the encouragement an amateur like myself needed, so many thanks!
    – Jordan

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    1. Hi Jordan! Thanks! I’m glad it helps. I was a very reluctant blogger to start with (oh, you should have heard me moan and complain!) so I know what it’s like. Keep at it – and the blog ideas will begin to flow and it will get easier! 🙂

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      1. Indeed it does, and you don’t know how comforting it is to hear you say that haha! I’m sure going to try, and again, thank you very much! ^-^

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  2. Thanks Lee, such a helpful post that makes sense. I reckon I don’t have much, if any, of an online presence as yet, so I’d better get blogging. My problem isn’t getting ideas for what to blog, but getting on with and finishing all the drafts I’ve started!

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